10 Top Tips from an Interior Designer on how to style to sell your home

http://www.designeruncovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/997.jpghttp://www.designeruncovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/997.jpg10 Top Tips from an Interior Designer on how to style to sell your home

As an Interior Designer I find that more and more clients are calling me in to look over their home to see why its not selling. Estate Agents sometimes also ask me to advise their clients on what the issues are and as a hot topic at the moment I thought I’d share some tips. Ive seen loads of properties that have been on the market longer then the client has expected and sometimes its very small changes that make the difference and sometimes more dramatic ones depending on the price and value of the property.



Ten Top Tips to Sell your home:

1. Declutter – The potential buyer needs to see the potential and you need to take out and pack up as much as possible to create a fresh minimal space

2. Lighting- Some properties have very dated lighting and its worth replacing old track lighting for example with minimal modern spot-lights it’s amazing the difference to the room its more modern and updated feeling.

3. Flooring – if you have natural timber flooring its worth getting it polished or revarnished to lift the room. A tired old floor can make the whole room look dated.

4. Paint colour- Colour is always a tricky subject and the beige rule isn’t necessarily the best Ive found that actually adding some colour and personality to the space can warm it up and refresh although I would keep it to one accent wall ie over a fireplace or behind some shelving. A totally beige room doesn’t attract anyones eye.

5. Wallpaper- It’s the same principle with wallpaper –adding some paper to a hallway or to an accent wall livens up the space and makes up more up to-date.

6. Artwork- Try not to be too personal with the artwork here I would recommend some really colourful pretty pictures –landscapes and flowers work best. Giving the room too much of your personality can detract from the potential buyers ability to see themselves in the space. Also make sure you do add artwork to give some soul and warmth to the space.

7. Overall Scheme- Try to pick out one or two accent colours and continue the theme throughout the house from duvets and cushions to wallpaper and artwork to create a cohesive, smart scheme.

8. Mirrors – Adding mirrors to a room can make it feel bigger and brighter. Bathrooms usually have very bad lighting and mirrors and by buying some large wall mirrors for the halls and bathrooms the space is more useful and feels larger

9. Windows- Large dark curtains can spoil views and create a gloomy feel in a room so instead modern blinds or bright minimal curtain can change the whole feel to a space and allow more light in.

10. Candles- There is nothing more relaxing and inviting then a beautiful scented candle in a room it awakens the senses and creates a tranquil feel.

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