Emin International- Retail Design Shoreditch

Emin International- Retail Design Shoreditch



This retail space for Tracey Emin is based in Shoreditch very near to Liverpool station. The space itself hadn’t been used in over twelve years and used to be a café frequented by the Krays along with other notable east London types. The space itself was therefore completely run down with holes in the floor,a disused basement and a tired façade.

We refurbished the interior bespoke designing a new desk along with a storage wall and reclaimed oak floor boards. The lighting is set to compliment the artworks and is minimal save for Tracey’s dramatic neon sign which creates a soft glow within the room.
Greys and dark blues highlight the space along with large mirrors.
Overall its a rustic/Shoreditch vibe inkeeping with the area and using lots of reclaimed materials to create a cosy space for a renowned artist.
We also gained planning permission to change the front façade to allow a new separate entrance to the shop diving it from the flat above.







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