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Adding an extension has never been so popular. With programmes such as don’t move improve among others building extensions is a rising market and as these images show you can add space, value and real beauty to your home. Building a glass extension works with all types of properties also from traditional to the very modern.

Glass as a material is beautiful as it allows you to maximise the view and natural light to your home also. Bifolding doors allow you to open up the extension into the garden and along with your beautiful extension its essential to have a landscaped garden to compliment the space.

Lighting as always is key to these space and quite complicated to get right. Brick and glass compliment each other very well and I’ve always added a glass feature whenever Ive worked on buildings with brick walls the traditional and the ultra-modern coming together to play off each other.

Just as basements are now a very considered option extensions I think are even more valued as adding space in such an artistic and beautiful way and allowing the daylight & stars to be part of your home is a luxury that most can afford to some level.










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  1. 11th September 2013 | Patrick McNamara says: Reply
    It is the only way to go with inner city extension.

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