Interior Design colour schemes for 2018 trends Design colour schemes for 2018 trends


We are hurdling towards 2018 already.
Soon the nights will get shorter and before
We know it we will be winging our way into 2018

We already know what is trending for 2018 and
my favourite colour black is in finally.

I’ve been using black in interiors for years and I love the drama surrounding

Black interiors

Basically black is the new grey and should be treated as a neutral colour
as it compliments all other colours. All black rooms are back dramatic and Sophisticated black never goes out of fashion.



Mindful living

Natural soft tones of green and pink are going to feature. Colours that make us recharge and disconnect with the stress of everyday.

Pink is power

Pink is going to be stronger than ever. Pink is going to throw off its gender connotations and become a dominant colour.


Tech free sanctuary
Concentrating on unplugging from life and creating a calm quiet zone where you can recharge and renew yourself. Pale relaxing blues are being hailed as the new serenity colour.


Metallics at to be considered as part of the neutral palette so golds and silvers will be used to accent where greys and beige once would have. Accents or full on metallic walls metallics will play a big part in 2018

Iridescent tones will compliment metallics and draw the eye

Playful tones such as acid yellow and lime green as accents are all set to make a come back

Of course in design the rules are their are no rules but it’s nice to get a feel for what’s trending and what we can expect for 2018.

Calmness, unplugging from our busy tech world and serenity are all trending


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