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Ive been working in Ascot lately on a number of new build luxury homes for a property Developer and ive had the pleasure of looking
around many of the show homes in the areas to get a feel for the area and the market and ive been very impressed with the level
of finish and overall luxury.

Interior Designing for property developers is very different to undertaking a commission for a private client as the property developer is interested in the short term gain and generally with a private client you are designing for their needs and their familys so its much more personal and you can develop the brief and discuss materials and the design tends to develop over time to get to the end result.

Whereas working for a developer you have a tight budget and you need to make sure you are appealing to the masses and keeping everything stylish but more neutral so that a buyer can see themselves living in the space. Dramatic colours and lighting are out and instead you work with a neutral palette. Obviously still designing to exude luxury and aspirational living. I work for both and they both have their challenges and different skill sets are required.

Property Developers are looking for the interior designer to still come up with clever layouts and use the space to the best of its ability as well as creating a space that feels inviting and warm that the buyer is drawn to but also only designing to a level where the buyer can put their own stamp on the property also. Although I have seen buyers demand all the styling furniture stay put. The designer not only puts together the space plans for the overall rooms as well as the kitchen and bathroom it’s the designers job to ensure that there is a cohesive design throughout the property. That it looks like one seamless scheme and not random rooms all thrown together which I often see where a designer hasn’t been used. The style and theme needs to flow throughout the property to create a successful design scheme.

I personally like working for property developers as in a way its more challenging where there is less involvement and your brief is just to basically please 8 out of 10 people





















images- Osborne Developments

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