Interior Design Versus Interior Decoration-the differences Design Versus Interior Decoration-the differences

I thought I would write a post on Interior Design v Interior Decoration
as for years they have gone side by side with no real definition of either
or a distinction between the two.


Interior Design:

When hiring an Interior Designer you are hiring someone who
can deal with the space planning, work with Building control for any changes you may want
in regards to altering the structure of your property as well as working on technical areas
such as kitchen and bathrooms and elements such as bespoke joinery and storage units.
They are proficient in many technical skills such as an understanding of the overall
building process and liasing with all the trades who work on a project such as the plumber,electrician,
carpenters etc.


An interior designer looks at the overall space in terms of getting the best out of the
interior by maybe opening up the space more taking down a wall or creating a new wall to
design a dressing room space within a bedroom. They manipulate space totally transforming the interior.
Ive designed extensions as well as adding roof lights and attic conversions to properties enlarging the space and
designing feature stairs and undertaking all technical elements from start to finish.

An Interior Decorator is someone who looks at the space in regards to how the furniture
and fittings work together. Looking at blending the colours and furniture and final finishes
to create a well thought out space. This is more a refresh of a space where you may
be looking at adding some vibrant wallpaper or new colour scheme to an interior
or how a furniture scheme works for a space. Many new builds already have the kitchen and bathroom installed
and in this case its more about the final finishing in regards to furniture and items to warm up the space
such as rugs and feature wallpapers and dramatic chandeliers.



They are very different skills and many design companies do offer both however its key
that it is understood what each is offering. I get many students on work experience and
some are shocked at how technical we are and the level of design we undertake anything from
fish-tanks to stairs basically anything we are asked to do. Wheras many students are expecting
trips to Harrods to source furniture and visits to curtain showrooms in Chelsea harbour and
while we do undertake the final finishing and showflats for Developers this is on a secondary basis
and its key that people coming into the industry understand the vast differences between the scope of work.

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