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As an Interior Designer I get asked by my clients and friends for tips and advise on how to make the most of your home and there are some elements you can use
no matter what the size of your space and what your budget.




1. Mirrors- Mirrors make any space feel larger. Whether its a bathroom with no natural light or a living room space. A decorative mirror adds character and bounces light making the room feel larger. A frameless full length mirror in a bathroom will make the space feel much larger and more seamless.

2. Colour – Many people are afraid of colour. They think painting the whole house white or beige is the safe bet. Its your home you should experiment with colour. This doesn’t mean painting every wall with bright dramatic shades but an accent wall or feature wall over a fireplace or one dramatic colour behind the bed will bring out the character of a room. Look at the flooring and natural light and chose a colour that compliments the space.

3. Wallpapers – Again people are hesitant to experiment with wallpapers as they feel they may date or they aren’t modern. However wallpaper is back in a big way and again just like colour you don’t have to wallpaper every single wall just one feature wall maybe a metallic paper to add a lighter feel or a beautiful print in the hall. This will add character and warmth to a space


4. Lighting- Very much overlooked in most interiors. Swopping out a gloomy pendant for one that allows the light to shine through or changing the lights in a bathroom to an LED brigher fitting can bring a much more modern feel to a room instantly.

5. Flooring- this can be swopping an outdated carpet for a modern timber floor or even adding a colourful rug to add warmth to a room. Look at what the existing flooring does to the room. Is it too dark or too cold. You dont have to spend a fortune to create a warm bright space.

6. Window treatments- Again for very little money swopping some heavy outdated curtains to a modern light blind can change the feel of a room instantly or adding some bright curtains to compliment the rest of the furnishings.

7. Furniture- Make sure the furniture fits the space. This is a big issue where clients look at something in a showroom and think its perfect and when they get it home its way too big for their space. Make sure you take into account your home proportions a smaller sofa is better then one that takes up the whole room and makes the space look small

8. Storage – This is critical for any interior. Everyone always refers to the hotel style interior but really in your home storage is essential. You want privacy you dont want your whole life on show so look at how you can maximise storage in each room. You can add a window seat with integrated storage, a hallway can have build in storage and you can add character through maybe adding some lighting to your storage elements

always look at the overall space in context never be fooled by whats in a showroom keep focused and remember your dimensions and proportions. Its similar to buying a dress you would chose what suits you not whats best on the model.


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