Ten questions to ask your Interior Designer

http://www.designeruncovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/contemporary-bathroom.jpgTen questions to ask your Interior Designer

Clients get nervous when commissioning an Interior Designer.
Fear of the unknown, never having worked with one before.
They are scared that the designer will take over and not listen to them
or that they will get a stock look not taking their personalities into consideration

This shouldn’t happen if you choose the right designer for you so here are some questions to ask

1. Services the designer provides- You want to understand if the designer has additional services such as
project management, Contractor contacts, lighting, planning permissions, is it more furnishing or more architectural.
Get a good idea of what the designer can do for you.

2. Style- clients are often afraid that they will get the same look as everyone else but this shouldn’t happen
A good designer can turn their hand to any style and will tell you if the style isn’t what they do. I’m a very modern designer
but Ive also worked on listed buildings and traditional spaces and enjoyed them its all down to your relationship with the client

3. Relationship- Its essential you and the designer get on. Its suprising to clients how many meetings you will have with your designer
and you should have to make sure your needs are met so its essential you have a good relationsip

4. Trust – this leads on from above. You must trust that the designer is the expert and has been through many projects and
the client needs to understand that what the designer says comes from experience as if a client second guesses the designer it always
ends in a disaster the designer is working to your best interests always.

5. Memberships- make sure your designer is a member of a design society as this will show that they have relevant insurances and are a reputable designer.
Education wise ive seen brilliant designers will diplomas from average colleges and not so great designers from expensive colleges. Its more important to have reputable
membership then what college they attended Talent counts for a lot in design

6. Portfolio- of course you will want to see the designers work. Often the frustration for designers is where a client picks a project and wants exactly the same
the designer is a creative person and would like to add some special touches for their client.

7 Allow the designer creativity to come up with the best solution for you. Of course you will have items you want and styles you like but also
let the designer have some free reign to come up with some original ideas you will like

8 Practicality- often clients hand over pictures of hotel rooms and want exactly that but remember these are rooms with practically no storage that don’t work well in
real life. Allow the designer to add practical touches in an aestical way.

9. Contractors – most good designers have a team they work with trying to push random Contractors onto a designer can cause issues where the Contractor doesn’t
have the same skill level or quality control. It can be fine but often allowing the designer to work with their team allows for control of quality and expenses

10. Future proofing- Finding the right designer means you have one for life so if anything goes wrong or you need future work you have a team that is there to support you which makes finding the right designer all the more important as they will want a happy client also and not just run off when the job is complete

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