The definative guide to designing your bachelor pad

The definative guide to designing your bachelor pad

Design tips and advice for creating your ‘Ultimate Bachelor Pad’ by Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy 

Image Credit: Hi Fidelity Canopy Bed by HiCan

No matter where fashion and trends lead, bachelor pads always remain a firm favourite style of design, and I have designed many of them over the years. I am a big fan of the bachelor pad and I love to work with rich materials and high tech equipment, as well as complicated lighting schemes which are the basis to any bachelor pad.

With James Bond back on the scene in his tailored suits and flash car exuding confidence and style, so the bachelor pad is back in vogue in a big way.  Bachelor pads come in many different shapes and sizes from urban loft warehouse spaces to sleek penthouses, but whatever the space there are some key elements that make the perfect bachelor pad.

The main elements of the ultimate bachelor pad have to be:

Pool table:
A beautiful pool or snooker table. Every bachelor pad worth its weight has one of these, usually bespoke designed to fit the style of the interior, and in the same cloth as maybe the curtains or sofa or the clients car interior. Nothing is left to chance in the ultimate bachelor pad.

Image Credit: Giesen Design - NYC Home

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Image Credit: Architectural Digest

A home bar:
Who doesn’t want to have a luxury bar in their own home where they can relax and entertain in their own space and make those famous martinis. Sometimes they are integrated as part of the sleek modernist kitchen and sometimes they are their own separate areas. Chrome and dark timbers with glass accents create the overall mood of luxury and sophistication, and of course not forgetting the bespoke area for housing the wine and fine spirits collection.

Image Credit: Crosley Furniture Newport Expandable Bar Cabinet

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Feature bed:
This is an essential element.  Just as James Bond has an eye for the ladies and aims to impress, the bachelor pad must have a bed that takes your breath away and is centre stage to the interior.

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Personal Gym:
Every bachelor pad needs a gym area, whether it’s a punching bag to work out or some weights or a full blown home gym designed to impress. The bachelor pad owner definitely looks after himself and needs to be able to work out when he wants.

Home Cinema:
While every bachelor pad has a massive TV screen the ultimate bachelor pad will have a dedicated cinema room where you can sit back and relax. It’s a cocoon space away from the worries of everyday life. Bespoke love seats and fibre optic lighting create the ambience.

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Feature fire:
The ultimate bachelor pad always has a large feature fire to impress. Whether it’s built into the wall or stands alone it’s always a major feature turned on by the flick of a remote control. These days they can even be found in the luxury bathroom creating a real lux feel.

Image Credit: Alphenburg

For some reason there is always a beautiful aquarium as part of the bachelor pad.  Whether it’s a centralised wall or part of the bar, a luxury sleek modern aquarium has become part of the bachelor pad design.

Image Credit: Home Arch Design

Dressing rooms:
The ultimate bachelor pad will always have a dedicated dressing room with defined space for watches, ties, cuff links as well as tailored suits hung in order. The dressing room will be clad in dark rich timbers with back lit mirrors giving it a very masculine feel.

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Mood lighting:
Lighting is key to the bachelor pad. No boring spot lighting here, but rather at the flick of a switch the whole space can be bathed in colour, changing the complete mood of the space. Everything is controlled by a smart system and fibre optic star ceilings over the bed are essential to the scheme.

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Sound System:
Following on from the lighting the whole home will be wired to a smart system so that at the touch of a button you can fill the bath, turn the centralised heating system on or play music in any room. The bachelor pad is a high tech space everything controlled by remote control or the touch of a button with ease.

Image Credit: Home Vision and Sound Talk

Roof Terrace:
Many bachelor pads link to a roof terrace where entertaining is a big part of the lifestyle. Watching the city from above where there is even an external bar as part of the overall design adds to the feel of the ultimate bachelor pad.

Image Credit: Susan Quirke, Quirke McNamara Consultancy

Many thanks to Susan Quirke for contributing this feature -

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