why you need an Interior Designer for your project

http://www.designeruncovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/lux10.pnghttp://www.designeruncovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/lux10.pnghttp://www.designeruncovered.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/lux10.pngwhy you need an Interior Designer for your project

The old saying goes you wouldn’t pull your own teeth out you would
obviously go to the professional its the same with Interior Design.
It can be very frustrating that people have an attitude of I can
do it myself and yes of course anyone can go buy some nice cushions and
curtains and style a house. This isn’t Interior Design….

Nowadays clients are looking for radical changes to their homes
even the projects where you are sourcing furniture for the space
there are always more elements such as alarm systems, bespoke lighting and
av systems.

Overall our clients come to us to remodel their homes and this can be more Interior
Architecture but on the whole Interior Designers are now being asked to do so much more.
Now you must be educated in planning laws, fire regulations etc.
We generally remodel the clients home which means looking at the space plans and
changing the overall use of the space from creating dressing rooms and additional
bedrooms as well as office spaces and spa areas.

Your Interior Designer will liaise with all elements of the project in regards to permissions,
lighting, av, security making sure these elements are blended into the project.
The Interior Designer has the overall picture of the plan and is the person who knows
what the final scheme will look like so they are planning all elements within this.
This is saving the client time and money and making sure that everyone knows their role
in the project.
Its not anymore a case of painting some walls and hanging a nice artwork the Interior Designer
is invaluable within the project liasing on storage, materials, kitchen and bathroom design as well
as with all other services required.


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